UX Mega
About Us UX Mega LLC is a privately owned web technology company located in the Tri-state area. We offer a wide range of creative web services and solutions to clients of all types worldwide. Our team of professionals have been designing and developing websites for over 20 years. UX Mega LLC also operates a number of its own web site properties.
Our Services
  • We offer a full range of web site design and development services. We can get involved as early as the idea stage, and can deliver a full final, polished product. We can handle the UI, the backend, the database management, and even help you get started with marketing.

  • Starting fresh or rebuilding?

    Starting a new project? Looking to redesign? Recoding your backend? Have a crazy idea no one else can handle? We can help at any stage of your project and no project is too big, challenge us!

  • We're not like the rest ...

    Need a company that isn't like the rest? One you can turn to when others are just not up to par? We've designed and built entire social networks, private membership driven communities, automated solutions, and fully dynamic services all from scratch. When you are ready to deal with real professionals contact us.

  • We don't outsource, ever ...

    We don't send your project overseas like a lot of other web design companies. Your project is handled with care exclusively by our internal team of trained web professionals. If we are not a perfect fit your project we will tell you right away.

  • We operate our own web businesses!

    We don't just make other peoples ideas happen, we also run our own product and service websites for consumers, with real users, generating real sales! We have insider knowledge and know what it takes to build a solid and successful web solution.

Our Process
  1. First, contact us and tell us briefly about your product and what services you need us to handle. Tell us your deadline, and if you need us to sign an NDA, please include it.
  2. We will then review your request and get back to you with follow up questions as well as let you know if our availability and services are a match for your project. If you contact us during normal business hours (EST) we will respond the same day.
  3. Upon hearing back from you regarding our follow up questions we will be able to provide a time and cost estimate. The estimate will also include an outline of what is included.
  4. Once a mutual agreement on the project, time and cost has been established we will create a work contract with payment terms. We require a non-refundable 60% deposit of the agreed to costs of the project at signing of the contract. The remaining 40% is considered due once we deliver the product to your team, or your server.
  5. Once we receive your signed contract, and deposit we will officially start.

    What if I need to make an addition to the project after UX Mega LLC has started?

    It happens, we understand. If your requests are limited and small we will handle them at no additional charge as long as we feel like it will not effect the time estimates we agreed to at the current point of the project. However if your request is going to take additional time, we will need to create an amendment to the work contract to handle the request, which will include a time and cost adjustment that you will need to sign off on. You will also need to pay the 60% deposit on the new cost amendment before work on it can begin.

Contact Us Right Now: hello@uxmega.com